Why Nicks Cycles?


A small family business where you'll always deal with the same people, whose only purpose is to ensure your satisfaction!


All bikes from Nicks Cycles come with 12 months free servicing!


Same Day turn around on servicing

Who Are We?

Damien Gooch - Owner


A mountains local born and raised in Faulconbridge and attended Faulconbridge Primary and Springwood High. Damien spent most of his childhood bushwalking and riding bikes with his parents who were avid bushwalkers. What got him into the bicycle industry? Damien's last job was for a Tech firm doing business analytics, and he was feeling stuck in a rut, so decided it was time to get involved more with his passion of bikes.



Craig Fisher - Manager / Mechanic - The other guy


Despite appearances Craig is a Pacific Islander who was born in hut surrounded by chickens, pigs and goats and moved from Vanuatu to the Blue Mountains 7 years ago. Growing up in the islands Craig spent most of his time outside riding bikes, trail running, hiking, diving, fishing, rock climbing and playing golf.

Craig has raced triathlon and track at an elite level and has raced nearly every mountain bike discipline at an extremely amateur level! Craig has spent the past decade working in the cycling and outdoors doing all manner of things from running bike shops, running outdoor clothing and equipment shops, wrenching bikes of all levels, product testing, sailing and rock climbing instruction and has even been a rock climbing and spearfishing guide.

Melissa Gooch - Wife


Another Mountains local born and raised in Springwood attending Springwood Primary & High school. Spent most of her childhood around race cars in an avid racing family. She won lady driver trophies several years running for motorkhana. When not racing Melissa spent rest of her time dancing with LKM. Melissa also works part time as Employee Services Manager at a local community NFP in Hazelbrook. She loves Damien enough to spend her honeymoon exploring the National Parks of the USA, Cycling through frigid waters in Grand Teton, Camping amongst herds of Bison & walking through Grizzly country in Yellowstone, Braving the ridiculous crows & spectacular views of Yosemite, Enjoying the stunning views of Kings Canyon, and camping amongst the amazing trees of Sequoia!


Levi Gooch aka Bubble


Born only 6 days before Nicks Cycles opened Bubble is doing the school work for Nicks Cycles. If We were at School we'd be in year 2, Crazy we've been going this long. 


Archer Gooch


Born in 2015 even Archer is at School now! Wow time flies!

So Who is Nick Then?

Nick Gooch

Damien's father was an avid bushwalker & cyclist. Before the birth of his children he was manager at Paddy Pallin's in Liverpool St. When his daughter was born he had to leave Paddys and take up a job closer to home in Penrith. After a few years working there he started cycling to work from his home in Faulconbridge 53km a day. He became known locally as "the man with the flag" Racking up  over 14,000km annually and just over 4,000 ascents up Lappo. Tragically in July 2003 he was hit and killed by a truck on his way to work.

When Damien decided to open the bike shop he couldn't think of a more suitable name for it.

The other question we get is why is there no apostrophe in Nicks? Basically its stylistic, it just looked better without!