Environmental Impact

At Nicks Cycles we are comitted to reducing our impact on the environment. How do we do that?

All our waste is seperated

              - Cardboard is all recycled at Blaxland waste Facility

              - Soft Plastics are recycled the RedCycle Prorgam

              - All Scrap Metals are recycled through Blaxland waste facility

We are always swapping out tubes and tyres for customers unfortunately there is no recycling program for these however many of these can be reused. If you ever have a need for any of these please drop in and grab some of them! In doing this we have reduced our unrecyclable waste down to roughly one household garbage bag per week.

Also we have done away with all shopping bags, whist this may inconvenience a small number of people we feel it is a nessecary step to reducing waste. 

If you have any more sugguestions on how we can recuce our waste or have an alternate use for some of it please do not hessitate to conatct us.